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Tronix Appliance Timer - Innovatronix newest product Featured

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Tronix Appliance Timer

Tronix Appliance Timer : Small Appliances' Saving Grace - 

Do away with stress and hassle of forgotten switches that causes additional charges to electrical bills - this new product offering from Innovatronix creates a more convenient and efficient appliance use.
The Tronix Appliance Timer provides maximum control of appliances by automatically turning them off without any further manual intervention – ideal for offices, vacation trips, and busy households.

Broad Range of Use
Proficiency doesn't come in sizes – the Tronix Appliance Timer's can carry loads of all small appliances despite its compact design. From home appliances, up to the common battery chargers and seasonal Christmas lights – almost any home devices not exceeding 1000watts is fully supported by Tronix Appliance Timer.

Ease of Operation
Installation is easy as breeze. Connect the appliance to the appliance timer and plug in the power source. No complicated settings required, no any other connections needed. Plug and set the timer, and its good to go. Extensive 0-9 hours time selection to perfectly meet flexible time requirements.

Appliance Protection

While safeguarding you electrical bills to shoot higher, the Tronix Appliance Timer also acts as a power surcharge and overload blocker by keeping the appliances off even when plugged; serving more purpose aside from looking after your investments and ensuring total safety of the entire household.

Function with Consumer in Mind
The Tronix Appliance Timer is designed with user friendly approach, minimizing operation time to the lowest possible. Other appliance timers may require you to download app or connections of phone to function, adding up unnecessary actions. The Tronix Appliance Timer is touted as a straight to the point product with the aim of assisting users in switching off their appliances, by abolishing manual intervention to save time and effort.

Cut cost on electrical bills, leave the house for work or vacation in confidence. Long term benefit will be evident through the continuous use of the Tronix Appliance Timer.

Tronix Appliance Timer is available thru Tronix Imaging Stores, Ace Hardware branches and online, via Lazada Philippines.


For more info, click here.

 This product is NOT available at the Webshop. Refer to this page on how to purchase.

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