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People that will inscribe the program must be qualified with the following requirements :


1. The client must be living in the Countries where there's no ACTIVE distributor. 
(Dealership/Agent Promo is not valid with Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore,Spain & France)

2. This is to refrain from any conflicts with the distributors.


  1. The client that's inscribed with the Agent Program must email all the required information. (For documentation purposes with complete details of contact person)

  2. S/he will be given a code exclusive for him/her. The coupon code will serve as his ID to avail his/her 20% to all Tronix Photo Gears products.

  3. The agent will be the one to log the order on Innovatronix webshop in behalf of his friend/client. S/he must log the Name, Contact details, shipping address etc. of the client.


IMPORTANT Note: Innovatronix Accreditted Agent/Dealer will be the one to settle payment to Innovatronix/Including the shipping cost. Asking payment directly to end-user is NOT Innovatronix responsibility/DUTY.


  1. Innovatronix will Provide Brochures (Soft copy) to all Accreditted Dealers/Agent with Original Pricing (depending on Agent/dealer preferences)

  2. Once Innovatronix Agent/Dealer is continuously/actively place an order. S/he can avail higher discount depending on his/her sales.


Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for inquiries and to enroll with the program!






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