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Explorer Better Battery 101

Recently purchased an Explorer (XT3, XTSE or Mini) from us?


As you enjoy its seamless capability, it is important to care for your device, so it would meet maximum performance every time. The explorer efficiency and portability can only be justified with a battery in great condition. Here are few points to remember in keeping your battery in a healthy state.




Explorer's SLA batteries must be properly maintained by keeping it charged or by it charging every after usage. Remember that the energy used must be replenished – the same, exact principle when humans do extreme activities and drink water to reload electrolytes. Recharging your battery will contribute largely on its next load.

Do the math

Even 90% isn't enough. Undercharging your Explorer batteries may cause sulfation (crystallization of lead sulfates, making the materials inactive, directly affecting performance). Say the battery was only charged at 85%, the remaining 15% uncharged will allow sulfation. Hence, it is always advisable to achieve a full charge state for your battery. Both Explorer XT3 and XTSE's green LED will stop blinking when full, while Explorer Mini's green LED will light up when its completely charged.

No to overcharging

While you're too busy worrying to achieve a 100% full battery without overcharging, Explorer batteries are steps ahead. XT3 and XTSE offers trickle-charging technology that protects the inverter from overcharging. Its an efficient and hassle-free feature for every unit owner.

Store with care
Explorer batteries are sensitive to temperature. Ensure that the battery will not suffer from a 24-hour heated or overly cold environment, as it may cause malfunction.

Make Charging A Habit

But not as often as you do to your phones. Charge your Explorer unit even at least once a month to secure optimum performance, even when not used regularly. Batteries tend to internal discharge while on standby.

Back to Basics

Of course, with tons of advice, do not forget the basic rules of maintenance. Turn off the Explorer when not in use. Cable and terminal joint must be tightened as loose connection is one of the common battery problems.

Through these fairly easy steps, your Explorer is expected to deliver longevity and exceptional performance. Of course, our friendly customer service will be glad to cater to your further needs on maintenance anytime.

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