Tronix Explorer 500Li continues to diversify its operation and usage, with the recent field test conducted by the National Institute of Geological Science of the University of the Philippines.

 The Tronix Explorer 500Li proved its broad application as it showcased unerring compatibility to an X-ray Diffraction System (XRD) Analyzer machine during a field test.

Generally used by Geologists, an XRD analyzer offers high speed analysis of variety of samples, such as minerals and ores, petrochemicals, hazardous materials and more. Initially used indoor, the Tronix Explorer 500Li paraded the feasibility of using UP NIGS' BTX II Compact Benchtop X-ray Diffraction System* in research locations, resulting to rapid acquisition of data and well utilized resources. Samples that are sensitive to movement are tested straightaway, highlighting one of the pristine benefits of the portable 500Li. When in use, the Tronix 500Li can last up to one hour of continuous run – this gave the NIGS researchers sufficient time to feed and extract results on site, in real time.

One thing notable with this product is its interchangeable battery”, said one NIGS researcher. Tronix 500Li is the first of its kind to feature a trouble-free ejection of its lithium ion battery. Its mobility and capability make it the best option for X-ray Diffraction System (XRD) Analyzer machines, versus any portable XRD that costs triple times the price of Tronix Explorer 500Li.

Indeed, Tronix 500Li has gained yet another enthusiastic response due to its exemplary versatility.

The team also conveyed their eagerness to get a hold of Tronix' latest offering, the PowerCore 2, and the prominent, Tronix Explorer XT SE, for succeeding field researches.


*”BTX II Compact Benchtop X-ray Diffraction System” is a product name registered under Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas Inc. 



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