Laya Stanley Gerlock, a writer of, is in awe as he took possession of the Tronix Explorer 500Li and evaluated its performance.


The busy road lanes of Quezon City lit up as the night falls. The dark avenue came alive as the moving cars radiate their headlights and taillights in yellow, red, white and orange, as they approach opposite directions. This concentrated, vibrant view of the road is one of Laya Gerlock's most coveted concepts.


Laya Gerlock is a professional photographer based in the Philippines. He graduated from The New York Institute of Photography, and a receiver of merit award. He had various features from prominent photography media. He currently writes for[1]

As a strobist and an artificial lighting expert, Laya shared with the Tronix team his visionary outdoor shoots using Tronix Explorer 500Li. He also stressed his excitement of finally using strobe lights and flashes outside his studio.

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Assessing the claimed proficiency of the Tronix 500Li, laptop, DSLR battery charger, flash strobes, and flash units were installed to test its compatibility and power. It was an overall satisfaction to Laya, finding out that he can directly transfer images from camera to laptop in an instant, even while on shoot location.


The night came and the rush hour elapse. The crew, and equipment are all set to accept the challenge.
Arriving at the middle of the highway, the team rapidly set up the equipment and commenced with the shoot. Laya's thrilled shot after shot, as he express his delight using the flash strobes and Tronix 500Li.


It was a joy for photographers to capture the shots they yearn of through Tronix Explorer 500Li. Let your concept be a reality.

See the action packed shoot uploaded at


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