Tronix Electronic Scoreboards, Counters and Timers

Tronix Electronic Scoreboards, Counters and Timers


New Generation Scoreboard: Tronix Quantum SureScore. For more info, click here


Tronix Electronic Basketball Scoreboards


COMPLETE SET 100x100 copy


    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Low-cost yet highly reliable
    • Uses 6" seven-segment LEDs
    • Use of fiberglass-reinforced wood casing
    • With 4 hours back-up battery for main controller
    • With built-in buzzer
    • For indoor use
    • With provisions for add-on shot clock set, airhorn, and team fouls and period display

Packages Available:

    • Package 1 (Standard Set)  
      • consists Main Dislay and Main Controller
      • SRP: PHP31,900.00
    • Package 2 (Complete Set)
      • consists Main Display, Main Controller, Shot Clock Set, Team Fouls and Period Display, and Professional Airhorn
      • SRP: PHP68,650.00

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Source: 220Vac for Main Controller, 220Vac for Main Display
  • Digit Size & Color: 6" x 4" / Red
  • Cable Length: 1 x 250 ft (75 meters) for Main Display to Main Controller and 2 x 116 ft (35 meters) for Shot Clock Set to Main Controller
  • Back up battery: 3 to 4 hours (Main Controller only)
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Tronix Portable Electronic Multisport Scoreboard

Portable EBS 


    • Portable tabletop scoreboard for indoor and outdoor programs
    • Uses super bright LEDs
    • Built-in control panel located at the back
    • With provisions for add-on shotclock
    • With built-in buzzer
    • Suitable for basketball, volleyball and other sports
    • SRP: PHP23,500.00

Technical Specifications:

    • Dimension: 19.5" (L) x 13" (H) x 2" (W TOP) / 5" (W BOTTOM)
    • Input Voltage: 90V to 250V (Autovolt)
    • Digit Size & Color: TIME (3", Red) / SCORE (2.5", Red) / PERIOD & TEAM FOULS (2", Yellow and Green)
    • Weight: 11.88 lbs
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Tronix Independent Shot Clock

independent shotclock



    • Has a built-in buzzer
    • Has 4 pre-set values of 30, 25, 24 and 23 seconds
    • SRP: PHP24,500.00

Technical Specifications:

    • Shot Clock Display (2 units): 13" (H) x 16" (L) x 3" (W)
    • Shot Clock Controller: 4.25" (H) x 3.5" (L) x 10" (W)
    • Input Voltage: 220Vac for Main Controller, 220Vac for Main Display 
    • Digit Size & Color: 6" x 4" / Red
    • Cable Length: 2 x 116 ft (35 meters) for Shot Clock Display to Shot Clock Controller
    • Weight: 11 lbs (Controller) / 11lbs (Shot Clock Display/pc)
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Digital Clocks and Counters

Reliable digital clocks for indoor applications. Best for offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, etc. Innovatronix can customized clocks and counters as per end-user's requirement.


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Distribution & Pricing Differences

Tronix products are also available through a number of retailers across the Philippines. In some regions, Tronix products are exclusively available on selected dealers. Dealers prices, in most cases, are slightly higher from the prices posted in this website or suggested retail prices due to the fact that dealers pay shipping and transportation costs, product stocking and inventory and customary dealer margin.

After Sales: Product Guarantee & Warranty

On buying any Tronix products, customers enjoy the 7-day satisfaction guarantee where they can return the product if they are not satisfied with their purchase for a full refund and a one-year warranty, where customers can return the product for repair service or replacement. For more info on product warranty, click here.

What's New

  • ACT20 II : A Chill Update

    ACT20 II : A Chill Update


    Tronix front liner, Aircon Timer 20 gets a millenial revamp.


    As a brand that has been around for more than a decade, Tronix ACT20 never fails to deliver expected results and reliable performance – and even better, because ACT20 is now controllable with any remote!

    Aircon Timer 20 version II (ACT20 II) is now remote control operated! Use ANY existing remote control in adjusting the timer. Remote for TV, digital cable box, DVD players and other appliances are acceptable with almost no compatibility issue. The best thing is, it is still equipped with power on delay feature to protect the unit from harmful power surges. 


    Innovatronix Inc. continues to modernize what is already modern, standing by the roots of providing better ideas for 27 years now.

    The new ACT 20 II retails at Php 1,590, available in Lazada, Ace Hardware, Handyman Do It Best and across Tronix Imaging Centers nationwide!


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