Innovatronix offers a new breed of power generation solutions.



The POWERCORE 2 is now ready to deliver efficient service and reliable performance.




With its broad gallery of application that ranges from construction needs, pharmacies, inverter refrigerators and PC servers up to photography, PowerCore 2 has the immense ability to provide demanding power requirements.


PowerCore 2, being a prime electrical supply that boast its 5 to 12 milliseconds transfer time - a momentary interruption that is totally unnoticeable. The preferable choice of uninterruptible power supply, it is the only alternative that can handle the most critical loads.


  • Pharmacies and Drugstores

    Rising up to the challenge of providing accessible power source and eliminating hazards. PowerCore 2 works well with inverter-type refrigerators used by pharmacies and drugstores to store temperature sensitive drugs, and chemicals. The potential hazard of power loss may result to rise in temperature, thus changing the atmosphere of the freezer, making it prone to air and vapor mixture resulting to flammable substance, or high concentration of chemicals and spillage, which can develop to toxic substances.



  • Construction Sites

Safety in the workplace must always be ensured. For construction sites, sudden power interruption may result to high risk incomplete projects, as these may pose danger to the public. PowerCore 2 secures continuous power supply enough to run light drilling machines, LED flood lamps and others.


  • Professional Photographers

      PowerCore 2 is engineered for the most flexible jobs, such as photography. On location photoshoots are a breeze though the use of PowerCore 2. Providing supply for monoblock flash units, Photographers may enjoy plenty of shots without worries.


This mid-size UPS is equipped with scalable solutions to optimize power supply system. PowerCore 2 comes with four movable wheels as a part of its compact design fit for easy transport and mobility. PowerCore 2 features continuous protective charging function that automatically stops when battery is full even when plugged.



PowerCore 2 has limitless application with its high quality and excellent dynamic performance. The possibilities are endless, as it continuously meet specific demands.

Order your own PowerCore 2 now and experience accessible power source anywhere. It's a UPS that last for HOURS, not minutes!


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