Tronix Photo Gears has implemented a strict testing procedure for a quality product.


Quality Assurance unit of Innovatronix Tronix Photo Gears were tasked to meet the standard quality through series of tests. These tests are technology called Bia; it ensures that the products are always working in best condition.

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The Bia technology starts from the process of applying single coat of insulating varnish in a product. Afterwards, a product will proceed to freeze test wherein it will be put inside a freezer for about 8 hours with a freezing point of -25 degree celcius. Before a product is release for sales, it will lastly go through drop test, roll test, vibration test, and field test.

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Bia ensures products from manufacturing defect. With Bia, the electronic components of a product is protected from moisture, dust, chemicals and corrosive attacks due to extreme weather conditions. It also maintains the original state of a product during shipment and actual usage when dropped and other situations.

Bia technology gives assurance to the users such as photographers to travel the product anywhere without worrying for damage due to harmful particles present in the environment, weather temperature, handling and shipment.

E.g.: Watch here Tronix Explorer Mini Roll Test

The different tests of Bia technology, no matter how costly and long is an imperative to the manufacturing process. It is also an effective indicator whether to allow or deny product release – avoiding more conflict, and problems that may arise in the future.

With product effectiveness, life span, and customer satisfaction as priority, Innovatronix exercises proactive solutions and aims to be a company that offers quality as a separate identity than its products.

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