Tronix Explorer: Power Rating Comparison

Tronix Explorer: Power Rating Comparison

Increased power rating (continuous power, watts) in pure sine wave inverters (for photographic lighting/flash units) gives FASTER RECYCLING TIME and WIDER COMPATIBILITY.

Power Rating Comparison (vs Tronix Explorers)

(Compare VML Mini's 120watts vs Explorer Mini's 400watts).

This is why Tronix Explorers are compatible with more digital/bi-voltage flashes, and recycles fast. (Recycling time for Tronix Explorer XT3 is as fast as that of AC power source/wall socket).

For users of bi-voltage flash units, if the inverter does not give sufficient power during recycling/recharging, the flash might come into undefined voltage mode, which could damage the capacitors (due to flipping of relays back and forth). A single voltage unit operates differently and may not be affected. Simply put, what might seem to work at first may not be the case and you will end up frying your flash units.

Tronix Explorers are fully compatible with most bi-voltage flash units such as Elinchrom BXRIs/Dlites.

For more info on Tronix Explorers, click here.

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