29 April 2015

Innovatronix was feautred in a well established gazette of Hong Kong which is South China Morning Post. 

The column was entiled "Innovatronix bolsters local tech industry through niche expertise". It briefly look into the details of how the founder and president of Innovatronix, Mr. Ramon Castillo, succeeded (and continuously getting through) in the niche market. 

Here is a glimpse of the mentioned column:

"In 1987, former Intel senior engineer Ramon Castillo had an ambition: to create more jobs in the Philippines and contribute to economic growth. Aiming to build a home-grown Filipino technology company engaged in innovative electronics, Castillo formally launched Innovatronix in 1991. The company has since evolved from a small player in the local electronics industry to a strong business with diverse interests in photography equipment, power electronics, electric vehicles and aquaculture farming.

"Our growth strategy is actually developing a lot of small niche markets," says Castillo, president of Innovatronix. "If you're earning US$50,000 on one niche product, then it is possible to earn US$50 million with a thousand niche products."

From electronic display boards to electric bicycles, Innovatronix brings added value to its products through stringent quality-control standards and dedicated customer service. The company follows military specifications on outdoor products, offers extended product warranties, and performs two-metre drop tests on exported merchandise."

Read the full article here.




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