Tronix Photo Gears Wholesale/Dealership Information

Tronix Photo Gears Wholesale/Dealership Information



We are inviting suitable partners such as distributors/importers, wholesales, dealers or retailers WORLDWIDE who have strategic fit with Tronix Photo Equipment products. 


    • The company must be a legal entity and has been trading/selling photography-related products and equipment for at least two (2) years in the country/region where it wishes to be a distributor or dealer.
    • The company must have a good reputation of sound business practices and customer service in the country/region where it wishes to be a distributor or region.
    • The company must have an existing structural organization that can support sales and after-sales services.
    • The company must be financially stable to purchase product inventory, product turnover and support necessary marketing programs.
    • The company's mode of product distribution can be direct sales, network of retailers, MOTO, online shop, brick-and-mortar store.


To express interest in becoming a trade partner, fill in the application form and submit. We will contact you with 24 to 48 hours to discuss further.


Or you can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us at +63 2 661 4108. 

Inquiry Form

If you want more information fill in this form. You will be contacted as soon as possible. Please fill in all required fields.
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How do I order?

    • Once your application is approved, we will send a copy Terms & Conditions for Product Dealership/Export Trading Agreement and Export Price List. You can send your order via email or phone. You will have a dedicated Account Officer that will handle all your concerns - including ordering & payments, shipping & delivery and after-sales services, etc. 

Do I get a credit limit?

    • No and/or not automatically. As a matter of policy, all orders should be 100% paid in advance before the goods are shipped or dispatched. We do not have a collection facility to collect unpaid invoices of our overseas-based trade partners.

Is there a minimum order?

    • Yes. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) per product line or Order Amount (for consolidated orders).

Can I get exclusivity for my city or country?

    • In most cases, yes, but not guaranteed. 

How long does it take to dispatch my order?

    • Products that are onstock are shipped within 2 days. Allow additional day or 2 for shipments that will require crating.

How much freight do I pay?

    • Freight costs are computed based on destination country, mode of transporation and shipment volume (size and weight). Allow us to quote for your estimated shipping cost per order. Shipping cost can be pre-paid or collect (or payable through your designated freight forwarder). For smaller orders, we recommend air transport (Courier Services). For larger orders (over 2 cbm), we recommend sea transport.

How much duty/tax do I pay?

    • Please get to more information on your country's Customs Agency on tariff or duty/tax rate, including necessary documentary requirements. 


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