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Photographers are not only paid for the images they take but to the memories they capture, for the craft they deliver. The beauty of the captured images matter - we are putting effects and tons of props in our studios and even loads of digital enhancements. Now, we have made a portable smoke machine to add mystery and awe to the otherwise, ordinary portrait.

While smoke machines are readily available in the market, but a reliable and portable smoke machine is hard to find. This is what Tronix Vulcan is all about.

tronix vulcan

Tronix Vulcan is a portable smoke machine suitable for indoor and outdoor photography. It can also be used for cinematic and theatrical applications.

A very handy and battery-operated portable smoke machine that goes with a built in battery charger and LED indicators for battery and charging status. It gives you the option for wired and wireless control.

Tronix Vulcan is an autovolt device that can be charged from 90V to 240V source. Weighing 15 kg and measures 45cm x 21cm x 19cm, it can be easily carried whenever the photographer wants. Heavy duty caster wheels are also provided for increased mobility.

With only about 2-3 minutes required initial warm up, you can easily create smoke and fog effects.

It can still be used even when it's charging or when charging from an AC voltage source is not available, the Tronix Vulcan can also be powered by the Tronix Auxiliary Battery Pack.

Vulcan sample images 1

Sample images using Tronix Vulcan: Smoke Machine

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Product Features and Specifications:

    • Power Requirement: 350 watts
    • Operating Voltage: DC Battery (24V); AC Autovolt (100-240V)
    • Fog/Smoke Output: Fog/smoke quality depends on fog liquid
    • Battery: 2 pcs 12V/12ah
    • Charger: Built-in
    • Indicators: Power, charging and battery level indicators
    • Fluid Tank Capacity: 1.6 liters
    • Weight: 15 kg
    • Dimension: 45cm x 21cm x 19cm
    • Initial warm up time: 2 minutes (from cold start)
    • Battery Life at continuous use: 30 minutes
    • Temperature Control: 220 °C Thermal Switch
    • Controls: Wireless and/or wired control

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Download Product Manual.

Auxiliary Battery Pack (optional back up battery system for Tronix Vulcan):

The Tronix Auxiliary Battery is designed for Tronix Vulcan (and other Tronix photo equipment). It is recommended for use as back up power, in case your Tronix Vulcan ran out of battery charge.

tronix vulcan with auxbattpack

Tronix Auxiliary Battery Pack connected to a Tronix Vulcan


Air Blower Low Res

Flowing hair and dresses. Indoor or outdoor shoots need some of these effects. Just like smoke machines used during photo shoots, use of wind effects add glamour to your images.

Most air blowers or wind machines are either gas powered or AC powered. Some portable or battery powered air blowers give less reliability and are often more expensive. With the new ULTRA STRONG, HIGHLY RELIABLETronix Air Blowers - which can be powered by Tronix-made portable power supplies or readily available battery sets - wind blow effect becomes much easier.

Depending on the product model, these blowers are can be directly hooked up to the Tronix Explorer (selected models) and theTronix Auxiliary Battery pack.

There are two models - Tronix Portable Air Blower and  Tronix Handy Air Blower. The large blower is best recommended for powerful air flows, covering large areas.  The handy air blower is recommended for partial or directional blows, such as left side of the model's hair or dress.

Air Blower Banner


portable blower

Tronix Portable Air Blower

portable blower with auxbattpack

Tronix Portable Air Blower mounted to a light stand, connected to a Tronix Auxiliary Battery Pack

The Tronix Portable Air Blower uses a large capacity motor and specially designed fan for high flow rates at excellent strength. It is 3 to 4 times much stronger than regular fans or wind machines.

This air blower model is fitted to a rectangular, metal bracket which can be easily mounted on light stands or on tripods. This feature increases the flexibility and mobility of this equipment on every demanding photo shoot requirements. Carrying is also manageable with is well-designed rubber handle. Its toggle switch allows you to provide a continuous air flow or ON/OFF function.

Other than giving powerful air flows, it can also be used for ventilation and exhaust for enclosed areas and to supply fresh air.

Weighing about 7 kilograms, this Air Blower is DC powered. The recommended power source is the Tronix Auxiliary Battery Pack.

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Product Features and Specifications:

    • Input Voltage: 12Vdc to 24Vdc 
    • Power 120W to 450W 
    • Capacity 1242 cu. ft. per min (12Vdc) 
    • 2920 cu. ft. per min (24Vdc)
    • Weight 7.2 kg  
    • Dimension 47cm x 16cm x 18cm (approx) 
    • Parts: including metal bracket (mounts to a light stand)

Download Product Brochure.

Download Product Manual.

Auxiliary Battery Pack (recommended back up battery system for Tronix Portable Air Blower):

The Tronix Auxiliary Battery is designed for Tronix  Portable Air Blower (and other Tronix photo equipment). It is recommended as a main DC power source.

portable blower with auxbattpack 2


Tronix Auxiliary Battery Pack connected to a Tronix Portable Air Blower


Distribution & Pricing Differences
Tronix products are also available through a number of retailers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific. For direct importation, purchase at Innovatronix direct, otherwise, contact your dealer. In some countries, Tronix products are exclusively available on selected dealers. For more info, refer to Tronix dealers worldwide. Dealers prices, in most cases, are slightly higher from the prices posted in this website due to the fact that dealers pay Duty/Tax on product importation, product stocking and inventory and customary dealer margin.

After Sales: Product Guarantee & Warranty
On buying any Tronix products, customers enjoy the 30-day satisfaction guarantee where they can return the product if they are not satisfied with their purchase for a full refund and a one-year warranty, where customers can return the product for repair service or replacement. For more info on product warranty, click here.

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