Tronix Quantum SureScore

Tronix Quantum SureScore


Tronix Quantum SureScore is a digital scoring system platform for any sporting event. Suitable for sports stadiums or sports centers. It features scoring rules for different sports such as basketball, volleyball, hockey, soccer, tennis, table tennis, badminton, etc. Any sports discipline can be created with a Quantum SureScore software (application).  

Basic Inclusion:

- Main Display Box (Quantum SureScore Hardware Box)

- Tronix Quantum SureScore App (to be installed on an Android-operated Tablet)

The Main Display Box has a built-in WiFi access point that allows the user to connect the Android Tablet running the Tronix Quantum SureScore App.


(Top, L to R) TV Display, Tablet running Tronix Quantum SureScore and Tronix Quantum SureScore Main Display Box *For illustration purpose only.

This configuration allows for rapid deployment of information using any LCD TV monitor, Video Projector or Video Wall.

Display Types

Types of Possible Display Systems (Indoor or Outdoor)


QuantumSureScore Set Up

Set-up Configurations


(for any sport) Tronix Quantum SureScore for PC software - enables the full features of the Quantum SureScore

(for Basketball)Tronix Quantum SureScore ShotClock Display Set - displays the game time and shot clock timer


Typical Features (For Basketball and other similar team sports):

  • Multiple Sport Scoring (basketball, volleyball, hockey, soccer, tennis, table tennis, badminton) with provision for other sports
  • Presetable game timer up to 100 minutes and 99 seconds shotclock
  • Game has start/stop/pause/reset features. 
  • Automatic Horn on game timer/shot clock expiry or can be sounded manually
  • Increment and decrement team score feature
  • Presetable team names up to 12 characters
  • Presetable game/competition titles
  • Plug & Play features for all-wireless and semi-wireless set up
  • Multiple keyboard feature with presetable key/button assignment for Semi-wireless set up


Typical Quantum SureScore Displays (Score Displays)


2014 BasketBall Marathon 1 

displayed in LED/LCD TV 

qsurescore projected

display projected to the wall

qsurescore shotclock

shotclock provision

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Other Sports


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