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For air-conditioning units, Tronix ACT 20 is most recommended. With the use of a timer and a power on delay, it manages the aircon's ON cycle and protects appliances from power surge caused by brownouts. In addition to its Power On Delay feature (see POD10), Aircon units can be set to turn on from one to nine hours or continuous on. It has a fan outlet that turns on the electric fan when the timer lapses. It is recommended for window-type airconditioners rated at 3HP and below.

This way, homeowners can time usage of the aircon without having to constantly worry of over-using it, and the convenience brought by its timer and fan-outlet features. 

For more information on Tronix ACT20, click here. 

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    BankBanco de Oro (BDO)
    Account NameInnovatronix Inc
    Account Number4000018984


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    For more information or questions on this webshop special, call us at +02 661 4108 or text us at 0923-657-6946 (Sun Cellular). For product warranty queries, refer to Product Warranty Statement

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