Tronix Explorer: Why choose Tronix Explorer Mini

20 July 2011

Why choose Tronix Explorer Mini

Top reasons why you should get Tronix Explorer Mini:

    1. If you find monoblock's recycle time very important (you wouldn't want your models to hold the pose or re-do the action while you are waiting for 6-10+ seconds to get ready for your next shot)
    2. If you are using digital or bi-voltage monoblocks from top brands such as Elinchrom, Hensel, Profoto, Bowens, Multiblitz, Calumet, Photogenic, etc (especially if your monoblocks are bi-voltage such as EL BXRI500, Dlite 4s, Hensel Compact 600Rs)
    3. Based on actual photo shoots using 2 500ws monolights at real world power settings (not always at full power), Tronix Explorer Mini delivers about 400 shots (for some photographers, 100 shots are enough)
    4. If you find 20+ lbs (10kilos) battery pack too heavy for your on-location photography session (Tronix Explorer Mini weighs about 5 kilos and has a compact design enclosed in a carrying case)
    5. If you find compatibility to a large number of monoblocks and reliability of your equipment very important (Tronix Explorers are known and tested to be a very reliable equipment)


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For more info, visit Tronix Explorer Mini page.

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