Featured Photo: 10 Things to Buy when visiting Antipolo City

08 August 2009

10 Things to Buy when visiting Antipolo City

Innovatronix Inc corporate headquarters is located in Antipolo City. By November 2009, we will be moving to a new location, along the rolling, greenery terrain off Sumulong Highway at Richdale, Antipolo Highlands.

Antipolo City, the 7th largest city in the Philippines in terms of land area, is known for its historic landmark, the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The cathedral is also known as the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.

Other than historic landmarks, Antipolo is also known for its mouth-watering delicacies, and cultural and historical artworks.

According to the city government's tourism office, the top 10 things to buy in Antipolo:

1. Kasoy – (dried or roasted cashew nuts)
2. Mangga – (baskets of mangoes)
3. Suman sa Ibos – (unsweetened sticky rice wrapped in softened coconut leaves)
4. Pottery – (earthen masterpieces)
5. Artworks – (the city has a number of local galleries)
6. Religious Items – (Catholic religious items)
7. Sineguelas – (Spanish plum)
8. Kalamay – (sweet sticky rice cake topped with dark sweet coconut glaze)
9. Benernal/Upland Rice –(rice variety with fragrant like Jasmine rice, but short grain in size)
10. Binuho – (sweetened glutinous rice cooked in bamboo tubes and seasoned in coconut milk)

featuredphoto pickingmangoes

Picking Mangoes

featuredphoto sumanmaking

Suman Making

Photo courtesy of Ramon Castillo
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